We strive to promote compassion, inclusiveness, understanding and patience.

The birth of a premature infant is an extremely challenging and life-altering time. Preemies Today, a national preemies support network, is a non-profit organization located in Washington, DC. The organization provides a meaningful connection for preemies families both in the NICU and beyond by enabling them to meet others families whose lives have been affected by premature birth. Families share information, comfort one another, and gain a better understanding of preemie issues and local early intervention services.

Rockin' for Preemies: Featuring Rocknoceros and Special Guests Groovy Nate and Music Together!
Join us for a benefit concert.
Proceeds support families affected by prematurity.
Join us Saturday, May 19, 2012!
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Save the date! On November 16, 2014, World Prematurity Day, Preemies Today will be hosting a parent/provider conference.

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We offer preemie parent support which includes a parent mentor program, educational programs, on-line discussion forums, and parent support groups…
Preemies Today is a non-profit organization created by parents of preemies. There's no cost to join or to receive our monthly newsletter.
We've gathered information to help you learn about the preemie experience. You'll find links to books, on-line resources, and community assistance.